Programs & Resources

Our programs include:
- Matched funding for reusable bags under grant with SWC (2015-2016).
- Volunteer and materials assistance with SWC Conservation Department senior center reusable crafts.
- Donated $1,000 to KFCB for Adopt-A-Stream grant (2016).  Goal is to certify individuals to monitor and collect                      data over the two-year certification period.
- Recognized KFCB Student of the Year with $100 check (2016).
- Donated 200 reusable bags to KFCB (2017).  100 bags given to the Forsyth County Water Department.
- Recognized KFCB Students of the Year with $100 check each (2017).
- Matched $500 in KFCB funding for Whitlow Elementary Wishlist Items (2017).

  • Donating bags of books to inspire the love of books and reading to students at Chestatee Elementary School, a Title I Forsyth County School in partnerrship with Sawnee Woman's Club as part of their Read Across America celebration.. Thank you to First Book and Sawnee EMC Operation Round Up for their support of this program.
- 147 bags (2014)
- 528 bags (2015)
- 271 bags (2016)
- 515 bags (2017)
- 180 bags for each kindergarten student for back to school (2017)

- $2,000 to support single stream recycling efforts (2015-2016).
- 300 reusable water bottles to patients and staff (2015-2017).
- 100 reusable water bottles for Project Rollway fundraising event goodie bags (2017).
- 200 reusable bags for Shepherd Peers event (2017).
- 200 stainless steel straws to patients and staff at Shepherd Center (2016-2017).

  • Annual Earth Day and America Recycles Day contests for students in Forsyth County Schools (public, private and homeschool).

  • Compost bins for Forsyth County Schools in partnership with Tyson Foods.  Together we have installed compost bins at the following Forsyth County Schools since 2012:

Mashburn Elementary
Shiloh Point Elementary
Forsyth Central High School
North Forsyth High School (now have 2 bins!)
Daves Creek Elementary
Whitlow Elementary
Piney Grove Middle School
Sharon Elementary
Haw Creek Elementary
Cumming Elementary
Chattahoochee Elementary
Kelly Mill Elementary
Chestatee Elementary (#14)

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Did you know?

"It's been shown that fostering environmental education in children is critical because it:

* helps them develop into adults who understand and care about environmental stewardship

* nurtures their sense of wonder, imagination, and creativity

* provides them with a sense of beauty, calm, and refuge in a sometimes frightening world

* expands their intellectual development; it's been proven to improve test scores, grade-point averages, and problem-solving skills

* enhances physical development

* helps them understand the interrelationship of all life"

Source:  Promote Environmental Education in Children by Deborah Mitchell, - How to Make a Difference in a Few Hours
A Charity of Awareness - Supporting Environmental Education for Children, Adults & Communities

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Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.  -- Margaret Mead