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Tyson Foods in Cumming has invested in Forsyth County students and schools by building compost bins.  Reaping Nature is proud to work with Tyson Foods on this project.  Together we have installed the following compost bins at Forsyth County Schools:

2012-2014 bins installed:

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"It's been shown that fostering environmental education in children is critical because it:

* helps them develop into adults who understand and care about environmental stewardship

* nurtures their sense of wonder, imagination, and creativity

* provides them with a sense of beauty, calm, and refuge in a sometimes frightening world

* expands their intellectual development; it's been proven to improve test scores, grade-point averages, and problem-solving skills

* enhances physical development

* helps them understand the interrelationship of all life"

Source:  Promote Environmental Education in Children by Deborah Mitchell, - How to Make a Difference in a Few Hours
Distinguished Service Citation National Award Recipient Keep  America Beautiful (2012)

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Keep Georgia Beautiful (2012 & 2010)
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